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Afrocentral dating website

There was this sense of assertiveness about European culture that advanced with Europe's trade, religious, and military forces.As an ideology and political movement, Afrocentrism had its beginnings in activism among black intellectuals, political figures, and historians in the context of the US American civil rights movement.Afrocentrism (also Afrocentricity) is a cultural ideology or worldview that focuses on the history of black Africans.

What is today broadly called Afrocentrism evolved out of the work of African-American intellectuals in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, but flowered into its modern form due to the activism of African-American intellectuals in the U. Civil Rights Movement and in the development of African-American Studies programs in universities.Afrocentrists also believe strongly in the work of certain anthropologists who have suggested that there is little evidence to support that the North African populations are closely related to "Caucasoids" of Europe and western Asia.But it is only the most gratuitous theory that considers the Dinka, the Nouer and the Masai, among others, to be Caucasoids.In strict terms Afrocentrism, as a distinct academic ideology, reached its peak in the 1980s and 1990s.Proponents of Afrocentrism support the claim that the contributions of various Black African people have been downplayed or discredited as part of the legacy of colonialism and slavery's pathology of "writing Africans out of history".

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They increasingly took more active public roles despite severe racial discrimination and segregation.

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