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They can grow up to 10ft in length with some weighing up to 660lbs (300kg).

But they are classed by conservationists as critically endangered due to over fishing.

The Mekong giant catfish, a critically endangered species, had lived in marshes in coastal province Phatthalung, southern Thailand, since 1991, becoming a local legend.

But heavy rain at the end of last month caused flooding in the region - washing the massive beast from its home into a tiny pond.

When Joe discovered that he had been Catfished by the person he thought was his best friend, there was no movie script ending, just the end of a friendship.

Sometimes protecting a friend from being self-destructive goes too far: Cassie’s BFF Gladys Catfished her to make her happy so that she wouldn't go out and find trouble elsewhere.

) but she was Melissa, a bespeckled brunette with low self-esteem.

There was more rain this year than ever before.'It's expected that the fish escaped from one swamp and went into another, about 3km (1.8 miles) from the village.'I found it on December 12 but at the time was not able to handle it.

So on Monday a lot of people came to help and it took sixes hours to release the fish to its original home.'The Mekong giant catfish is a large freshwater fish native to the Mekong river basin and its tributaries in Southeast Asia and China.

Perhaps Catfish’s most physically confrontational moment came in the fourth episode of season one, when it was discovered that Jasmine’s online boyfriend of over two years, “Mike,” was actually her ex’s ex, Mhissy, who wasn't ever clear on just why she thought Jasmine deserved this. Right gender, wrong face This is by far the most likely outcome, with often the cruelest ending: Sometimes, after it is revealed that the Catfish had been sending pictures of someone else, the pictorial fabulist's online love will want to stay friends, and more often they’ll flip out — but there's a romance.

"Trina the Natural" thought “Scorpio” was a young stripper like her, but he was actually a 32-year-old with four kids (and no six-pack).

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Seeing these stories (and their predominantly unhappy endings) bunched together revealed a simple taxonomy of Catfishers.

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