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People prefer to give to causes that their friends and loved ones care about, and spreading the word about your #Giving Tuesday campaign this way can secure more donations.

A Facebook Fundraising Toolkit can be as simple or as in-depth as you desire, but make sure it has at least the following components: Of course, no one's going to make a gift via Facebook or set up a fundraiser for you if they don’t know that this is an option.

My nonprofit raised money on Facebook but haven’t received donations. If your fundraiser took place across two months, then your funds will be sent in separate disbursements since payouts are split into different calendar months.

If you’re asking for donations that were raised more than 75 days ago, please check that your nonprofit’s mailing address is the same as the one listed in Guidestar.

Facebook is the world’s most popular social network.

Of the 1.15 billion people registered on Facebook, 699 million users are active daily.

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When will the nonprofit get donations raised on Facebook?