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So this particular take, which suggests that Georgina Chapman is somehow responsible for her husband's behavior because they were both individuals, is worse than Donna Karan's initial statement or Lindsay Lohan's or the two combined.

Sexual assault happens because a person is a predator.

Lindsay Lohan is a sweet girl, but she has a disturbing history of defending at least one other famous wealthy man who's been accused of sexual assault by multiple women.

Actually, one in the past had even bragged about it in an infamous recording.

Not much information is available on how exactly Je-Yong got so rich, but he’s on a few lists for being one of the wealthiest businessman in Korea. He’s a beast in the gym, check out this big bench press: Update: We have received confirmation they are not actually dating despite the seemingly Romantic instagram posts.

His bravado paid off, because he recently made his relationship with American movie star Lindasy Lohan public.

The couple has posted many romantic photos together in far flung destinations like Mykonos, Greece.

There are audio recordings of him coaxing one actress to sit and drink and watch him while he showered.

He's been fired from his own company and condemned left and right, even by people who had once remained silent.

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