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It is safe to say that I am disappointed in myself, and I promise that something like this will never happen again.” The city hired Santa Ana-based attorney Katy Suttorp, with the law firm Burke, Williams & Sorensen, on Feb.

[Verse 1: Lil Dicky and Brain] I tell her, I tell her, I tell her Chill, girl (ey) We should chill girl (chill chill chill) You been humpin' on me too fast, keep it real girl The Brain on the same page Fucking another one Damn, LD How do you slow a hoe down?

(oofh) Thinking through the words like I read it (yeah) Scout it out Brain If you see a tight end then they Tellus like Bennett (Aye) 1 in 7 done, goin' down like credits Don't get shook like lettuce (lettuce) Brain tryna' get fucked (oo-uh) Brain tryna' get sucked (oo-uh) Brain been lit for a month (oo-uh) Fucked a bitch on the kiss cam (oo-uh) Eeauh!

Yeah I been doing my thing LD Now they been checking for Brain Ey, we should go flirt with this dame, k?

Just let me fuck slow on you girl (chill girl, chill chill) Let me fuck slow on you girl (you should chill girl, you should chill girl) And the Brain got them bitches on standby And the Brain getting hungry, Raisin Bran time (yuh) [Outro: Brain] I fuck- I fuck with Raisin Bran so heavy That shit hard Brain This song is about the fact that these women be fucking on us men way too fast.

Lil Dicky and Brain are simply asking for the women to fuck slow on them in the future.

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Lil Dicky also stated in an interview in Sway in the Morning that he did have sex with a black girl who was extremely aggressive and that aggressive women put him off.

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