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On the project, they wrote: Sisters by chance, Friends by choice.The two were very excited to see each other again when Liv decided to come home after her TV show: Sing It Loud, ended.However, in later seasons, Maddie has become slightly more girly, but still often wears sweats as she is seen on the basketball court a lot.In Tiny House-A-Rooney, it's shown science isn't one of Maddie's strengths.She has glasses and always wears her hair in a ponytail, but lets her hair down occasionally.She usually wears very simple clothing such as jeans, sweaters, and is not as bold with her style as Liv is.And finding her own path in life, following her dream as a Basketball player. Maddie is super excited that Liv returns home from Hollywood and happy to share things with her that she couldn't with her while she was away.Maddie has blonde hair, and green eyes, like her twin sister, Liv.

(Father/Coach) Pete is Maddie's father and basketball coach.

Maddie (by everyone) Rooney, Rooney Classic, Birthday Girl (by Diggie) Blondie (by Kiosk Lady) Madds (by Liv, Willow, Joey, Diggie, and Josh) Addie (by the senior center people) Glasses (by Todd) Mad Dog (by herself and Pete) Milkmaid (by herself)Dude (by Joey)Mad Dog Rooney (by Josh)Future College Roomie (by Liv)Girl (by Parker)Pete Rooney (Father) Karen Rooney (Mother) Liv Rooney (Twin Sister) Joey Rooney (Younger Brother) Parker Rooney (Younger Brother) Dena (Aunt) Ruby (Cousin) Great-Gran (Great Grandmother; Deceased) Grandma Janice (Grandmother) Melanie (Aunt) Craig (Cousin)Liv (Best Friend/Twin Sister) Diggie Smalls (Close Friend/Boyfriend) Val Wishart Willow (Teammate/Best Friend) Cassie (Teammate) Stains (Teammate) Dump Truck Andie Bustamante Josh Willcox (Ex-Boyfriend/Good Friend) Holden Dippledorf Madison "Maddie" Rooney is one of the two protagonists from the Disney Channel original series Liv and Maddie, along with her twin sister and best friend Olivia Rooney.

She's the tomboy compared to her sister, but there are times where she reveals her girly side.

Maddie also is very determined, and competitive, which helps her play to her full potential.

She is a black belt martial artist and was ranked as Top Dragon at the dojo. She didn't seem to know how to talk to Diggie, despite Liv's constant advice in the first episode, though later she could talk to him casually.

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