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Knowledge Box Literacy Longman (Pearson) F, KS1, KS2 The Knowledge Box is a collection of visually exciting and relevant resources for the primary range.In addition to the learning areas that have been written there are excellent Web-based resources, bookmarked in the appropriate sections.The usefulness and relevance of these images in transforming the program into a useful teaching and learning tool is immediately evident.The tile feature and the ability to select, move and transform images and shapes, sets it apart from other painting and graphic programs and allow its use to be developed in supporting subjects right across the primary curriculum.The software comes with comprehensive tutorial guides, installation notes, and excellent, context sensitive and general help menus.Quick Search Interactive Wordsearch Maker for Schools ltd KS2, KS3 Quick Search Interactive Wordsearch Maker 4.0 is a dual-purpose program for teachers and pupils.

The short film clips (particularly in literacy) can hook the pupils' attention.In response to the large scale proposed changes to Parramatta Road under the West Connex Project, the Leichhardt Council Heritage Advisory Committee have facilitated a Local History grant to create a photographic panorama and heritage streetscape of Parramatta Road which documents all the buildings on the Leichhardt Local Government Area side of Parramatta Road - from Hawthorne Canal to Booth Street - approximately three kilometres long.This project contributes to a cannon of famous documentations of streetscapes, a valuable record for now and the future.Alice Junior provides the facilities for this plus a great deal more, especially in relation to more accurate record keeping and reduction in time spent administering the library.Alice Junior presents the user with a very powerful, comprehensive data base with management tools to meet almost any situation.

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The 20th Century also saw the advent of motorised traffic on the road, and in the 1920s the surface of the road was sealed and trams were removed from the road.